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About project

The goal of this project was to create a portal to connect buyers and sellers of used wedding dresses from all over the Europe. This site is dedicated to beautiful gowns. Highly intuitive search features, detailed wedding dress listings, and options to save and share make this portal the perfect destination for buying preowned wedding dresses online.

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1 PM, 1 designer, 1 frontend developer, 2 backend developers, 1 QA



Goal of the project

Create a service oriented for selling & buying used luxury wedding dresses


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Catalog page

Everything starts with a few simple steps. If person is a seller, they need to register on a service, click “sell my dress” button and enter details about it. After that, they are already on the list that customers can see. Next, sellers receive offers from the most reputable dress retailers and customers by email. Thus, the seller can easily decide which customer they prefer the most. For buyers, it works simple, too.

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Product page

The customer sees the list of wedding dresses on sale, compare the prices and search for the best option. If they make their choice, they start messaging with the seller. The payment process is going out of service in a way comfortable for both seller and buyer.

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On this service, we make functional filters, lists for buyers, rating of the best sellers and a convenient correspondence system. The system has been developed with Laravel technology.

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