Software development from the ground up

  1. It all starts with a few simple but very important steps. At the stage of setting goals and functional scope of the project, we outline the global vision, determine the time frame, resources needed for implementation, budget, and risks.
  2. Next, we conduct UX research so that the design and interface can fully meet not only your project’s requirements, but also be relevant in the current trends and your business in the wake of a dynamically developing market.
  3. Once we completely agree on the future development, we start preparing a package of documents outlining your requirements, the concept of our solution, plans, and development stages. Then we approve everything and create required reports so that both you and our team have a clear vision of the direction, and the risks on the project are completely reduced to zero.
  4. As soon as we have approved the concept of the project, we move on to the stage of architecture and design. We develop graphic layouts, interface and create an individual style. Once the development stage starts, you will be constantly updated about the progress of implementing your solution.
  5. Only after that, we start working on performing tasks. When the development phases are completed, the next important stage is the support and further maintenance, including end-user support. By reason of our interest in building long-term sustainable relationships with customers, you get a powerful solution at the end of all work.

Complex projects maintenance & support

In addition to developing our own solutions and products for your business, we also provide support and correction services for products after other companies. We provide turnkey support services or support covering only those areas that you need in the current problem. We pay attention to process optimization, creating and managing databases, as well as updates and necessary integrations of your product for the correct operation of the software.

Recovering the software after other teams

If you encounter an issue that other companies cannot solve, we are here to help you. The biggest challenge we may face is fixing outdated code or individual fragments in a product after other companies. We understand that sometimes there are situations in the IT market, when you get the software, but for some reason, after a while, your enterprise solution does not work any longer. We can completely fix the problem and refactor the code to solve the situation. Our company also helps to improve the design, structure, or non-functional characteristics while maintaining the necessary functionality. This will help improve the usability of the source code and create a simpler, cleaner, or more expressive internal architecture.